Stop Kidding Around!

Have you ever walked through a park, seen all the crunchy, Autumn leaves blanketing the grass, and felt compelled to dive bomb them? Or maybe you make a bee line for the swings? When was the last time you drew a hopscotch with chalk and hopped your heart out?

If you are reading this, and you are an adult, chances are it has been a while. You may have looked at the leaves, but convinced yourself that leaves in your hair is not proper business attire and it may give everyone in the office the wrong impression. Or perhaps you were worried your bum would get trapped in between the swing’s arms. No? Just me then…

The fact is, we could all do with a dose of childishness from time to time. And no, that doesn’t mean pinching me and repeating everything I say. I said that doesn’t mean…okay, stop it.

When you consider children, their philosophy is mostly: if it’s fun, do it. They don’t think about what other people are going to think about them, and they generally don’t care what state their clothes might be in. Diving head first into a sand box is of no concern to them, so why to us adults?

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Quite simply, we only have ourselves to blame. We all want to go on the round-a-bout, but we don’t want to be the first one. We are afraid that other adults will think we are strange or a little crazy.

So what do we need to do? Well, contrary to the title of this post, we need to start kidding around. This week I challenge you to do something you would have done at ten years old without thinking. Even if it is a little hippity-hop every time you step of the curb (which is my personal M.O.). Treat yourself to a little fun in your day. You will be amazed what it can do!


18 thoughts on “Stop Kidding Around!

  1. there are a million things I would do, but at my age, I have to be careful–broken bones are not a good thing, especially for someone who is afraid to walk and chew gum at the same time (you may think I am not serious–but I am). when my kdis were little I would play on the playground equipment with them until I fell really really hard once and that cured me of being too silly – I still like to be silly now but not “too silly”

  2. Again a very nice article. But I am a teacher and spend all my days stopping students from being childish and remind them that will soon be adults. I think I have stuffed up!

  3. I think you’re right… not necessarily about kids’ playground equipment, but we do tend to curtail the silliness as we age. My brother loved to be silly. He’d make me laugh all the time. He passed away at the ripe old age of 59. Now I’m almost 67 and miss him so much… Laughter is healthy. Keep it up!

  4. A great post. I like to break out and be goofy at least once a day even if only for a few brief moments. My co-workers have been subjected to my poor attempts at the latest dance moves. I will try to have more fun though lately I have been stuck in the work and go go go all the time routine. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Love it. I have no problem with kidding around. I never miss an opportunity to swing (learnt an adult lesson: swing first, eat, drink coffee second). As well I slippery dips & see saws. When we have a family get together, you’ll find a me with the little kids in the playground. Luckily I have a sister who likes to kid around too. We went to a fete with the parents and I’ll never forget the look on Dad’s face when he came looking to introduce us to a friend, to find us knawing away on huge pieces of green toffee. And, something you can do anytime is skip – instantly makes you feel six years old 🙂

    • Skipping is fantastic. Or like Phoebe from Friends would say: running so fast you feel like your legs will fall off! I had some fairy floss at the zoo a few months ago and even though the adult part of me was fearing for my teeth, the child definitely enjoyed it!

  6. I’m not naturally a really playful person, and I even wonder if I was playful much as a child! But being a grandmother gave me a second chance, and nothing is more delightful than being silly and having playtime fun with my granddaughters, joining in with them and making them laugh! And it does something right back for me in return! I love what you have to say! A great forward motion for a new week! 🙂 Debra

    • Thanks Debra and I’m glad it got you thinking about being silly. Kids certainly are the best reminder for us adults. It’s the way they just don’t question plunging into fun and when we adults hesitate, their look says it all!

  7. I’ll let you know how sliding down the stairs on a pillow case goes.

    I usually swing with my son and run around like a wild animal at the park with him, but this post made me think of all the things I used to do as a child that my son doesn’t do. Sliding down the stairs on a pillow case is one of them. I am little scared.

    • Ooh, sounds fantastic! Sliding down anything and everything used to be a big favourite for me. I have always been fascinated by those pits full of colourful balls, so if you can slide down the stairs, perhaps I can jump into one of those!

  8. I soared through the blue sky twice this week. Exhilarating! Just the other day, I said to my husband, “How fun would it be if we had access to an adult sized playground.” In the meantime, I’ll squeeze into kid-sized swings and when I’m extra brave, I’ll head down a slide. Thank you.

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