Nap, interrupted.

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A classic case of Murphy’s Law…

After a big week at work and an unnaturally early morning flight which my body simply does not cope with, I have come down with a cold. Lucky for me, I had a long weekend this weekend. I thought I would make the most of the time with a nap or two.

What? They tell me it’s good for recovery!

Anyway, so there I am, snoozing away and all of a sudden my computer starts talking to me. To paint a picture, my laptop sits about a metre away from our couch and, therefore, very close to my head.

“Come into McDonalds and buy the new I’m Going To Wake You Up In a Most Hideous and Confusing Way Burger (or something to that effect)!”

Brain: If I’m dreaming, why is it that the best I can do is McDonalds? If I’m dead, ditto!

You see, somehow (and personally I blame gremlins) something had hovered over one of these ads that talk to you. Now I feel it is only fair to clarify my confusion at this point. My computer had been on for the best part of the previous six hours, not in use. It had not chosen to speak to me in any of those six hours, but just as I was entering the Land of Nod…

BAM! Talking computer.

Despite the unwanted conversation and the phone ringing just for a little added tranquility, I still managed to have a bloody good nap.

I also still have a cold. And I feel like McDonalds.